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Help Building a New Website

Are you thinking about building a website? Maybe you’re setting up a website for the first time, or you’ve already got a website but you would like a completely fresh start. Exciting isn’t it?

Exciting, but also maybe a little daunting. If you would benefit from a bit of help to steer you in the right direction, that’s where I come in! I can guide you through the process of setting up your own website.

We would start by identifying your goals for the website and what you would like it to do.

And once you’ve got a clear vision for the site I would help you identify the best solution for you – whether you choose to build it yourself or hire someone to build it for you.

Do It Yourself

If you opt for building the site yourself, I will be there throughout offering you as much or as little help as you need. You would have full control over the process and be completely hands-on with the build … with the knowledge that I’m there offering guidance and a safety net in case you get yourself in a muddle.

I will take you through all the stages of the build from domain name registraion, to getting your web hosting set up and building the website itself. Sound good?

Professional Build

Or if you would be much happier hiring a professional to do it for you, I can help with that too. I can help you put together a brief to get quotes from a handful of web designers, review the quotes with you if you wish, and be on hand if you need any advice throughout the project.

I’m not here to interfere, just give you a bit of extra guidance whenever you feel you need it.

WordPress Is The Answer

I won’t fib, I’ve got a favourite bit of kit when it comes to building websites, and that is WordPress. I really think that WordPress is the answer for most websites. Yes, there’s a bit more setting up needed than one of the website builders. But … it’s really truly worth it.

Once you’re set up with your WordPress site, on your own hosting account, you will have the freedom to do with it what you wish. This means that you can start off nice and simple and develop the site with your business. And the website is yours! You can move it to a different hosting provider taking all your carefully crafted content with you.

I’ve tried various ways of building websites over my many years as a web designer, and these days I would take an awful lot of convincing to use something other than WordPress for websites that I build. In fact this website is built using WordPress!

What Now?

If that all sounds like what you need, then give me a shout and we can work out a plan of action.